Hello, My name is Anna, and food turns me on :)

550560_4244560646353_1155037032_nHello, world!

My goal is to post something every day, because I have reached my breaking point for limiting my enjoyment. This ridiculousness of over-self-sacrifice will continue no-longer! My amazing husband has encouraged me to do this because he is fully invested in the fulfillment of my passions, and for that I thank God, and the Universe, and Buddah, and his Mother, and any other entity who may have had something to do with him becoming the person he is.

Mr. A desires for me to be a complete woman, not just an arrangement of the components he chooses to like, and I think that is rare among men. Thank you, Mr. A, for believing that I am awesome.

Now, to start ………………. ¬†ūüôā

I am a 28 year old, 5′ 7″ blonde from Ohio, and I am not a stick-figure. I’m not super-morbidly obese, either.¬†I would describe myself as proportionately curvy – ¬†and I am proud to don each and every curve ¬†– not to toot my own horn, I’m just very comfortable in my skin. Some of these curves are due to my genetics (there are not a lot of ¬†skinny women in my family), but mostly I attribute my shape to my undying, unabashed, relentless attraction to food.

I know we need food to survive, and believe me, I am thankful for that, however I believe my love affair with food is one of the most serious commitments I’ve made to my own happiness. In good times and in bad, ¬†(from many years of dedication through trial and error)I can¬†open my¬†refrigerator and instantly inspiration sparks that flame that can only be tamed by the actions of purposefully cutting, dicing, creaming, shredding, seasoning, dispatching, whipping, searing, basting, and combining culinary components until my whirlwind of ideas reaches that peak of completion, and I look down – glowing from activity – and see a¬†scrumptious concoction that is brand new, untried, untouched, and entirely for my consumption.

I am will be posting photos of all the lovey foodstuffs I create, as well as the methods I used to create them. If anyone has any questions, I would be honored to attempt to answer them.

I’ll tell you where I get my ingredients, and how I handle them to make my food more of an experience than a meal. My recipes and methods will not always be glamorous, but I will always do whatever it takes to make my food amazing.

I have so much love for food to show the world, and I will not rest until humanity escapes the doldrums lame, lazy sustenance, and  gets just as turned on by food as I am.